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Friend Mom: The Day She Became

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PERINCIAN FILM5 months önce Ago
Friend Mom: The Day She Became

Kategori: 18+, Adult, asia, Jepang, Semi

Release: 2015

Info IMDB: 6.9

Bintang: Kubota Hinosei, Reina Sawada

Deskripsi: Twenty years old, feel the mother of a friend as a woman! A temptation that can not be denied! Desire to be out of control! I can not believe I’m a friend’s mom ‘Shun’ at first sight, seeing her perfect body. Even though he has a girlfriend, he falls in love with his friend and eventually infects her. After returning home, the friend witnessed the hot affection of two people, I’m going to visit Shun ‘s girlfriend, burned with revenge. Me and my girlfriend, my best friend, and my friend’s mother! The awkward four-sided relationship runs toward the catastrophe.

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