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The Nature of The Captive Pole Wife

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The Nature of The Captive Pole Wife

Kategori: 18+, 2017, Adult, asia, Jepang, Semi

Release: 2015

Info IMDB: 4.3

Bintang: Kei Mizutani, Yukari Iwashita

Deskripsi: The Nature of The Captive Pole Wife (2015) sinopsis Keiichi is struggling to become a cartoonist. However, the reality is that the rent is being pushed out of the apartment and the house is under pressure to repay debts. He walked the street by chance. If the price is 5,000 yen, drinks and ladies are unlimited. I stop by and meet Mika. Keiichi is attracted to Mika who encourages his courage and listens to his story without much work. But in fact, the store was a rip-off place different from Shenzhen, and Keiichi was taken to the back alley He is beaten to death. Mika, who has seen such a hard look, takes her home and stays home until she gets a prize in a cartoon contest.

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